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  1. page IPA examples edited ... Each student make a list of 10 school items they have today for class. With a partner student…
    Each student make a list of 10 school items they have today for class.
    With a partner students share what they each have.
    guide you. Dans mon sac
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    from alice
    The learners compare and contrast school supply items in France with those items they buy for school in the United States, using the list as a speaking stimulus. Students create an online Venn Diagram
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  1. page Rubrics edited ... Consortium for Assessing Performance Standards Rubrics-FLENJ Rubrics By clicking on the links…
    Consortium for Assessing Performance Standards Rubrics-FLENJ Rubrics
    By clicking on the links below you can access the rubrics that were created by the CAPS project. The rubrics that are found here were developed during the three years of this project and are based on the ACTFL Performance Guidelines for K-12 Learners. The criteria listed in each rubric come directly from the Guidelines. At the novice and intermediate level an attempt has been made to use student-friendly language. Thus, the criteria have been re-stated in terms of a question that the student would ask him/herself while completing the assessment task. At the pre-advanced level, the language of the rubrics closely corresponds to the language in the Guidelines. By the time students reach this level, they have had extensive experience with the novice and intermediate rubrics so that they are ready to understand the criteria as defined by professionals in the field. These generic rubrics were used by teachers as they wrote their own task-specific rubrics.
    Interpersonal Speaking Rubric
    Presentational Writing Rubric
    Interpretive – Novice
    Interpretive – Intermediate
    Interpretive – Pre-advanced
    Interpersonal – Novice
    Interpersonal – Intermediate
    Interpersonal – Pre-advanced
    Presentational – Novice
    Presentational Speaking – Novice
    Presentational Writing – Novice
    Presentational – Intermediate
    Presentational – Pre-advanced

    Rubric examples
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  1. page IPA examples-Andrea Henderson edited ... {IPA Past Tense Version 2.docx} {Activités_du_Weekend.JPG}  {Activités {Activités du W…
    {IPA Past Tense Version 2.docx}
     {Activités{Activités du Weekend.pptx}
    Interpretive Mode
    Students read the article about weekend activities of young Francophones from Guadeloupe, Belgium, Morocco, and Québec.
    Create a post for the Jeune Francophones post about the weekend.
    Student read the posts aloud to the class.
    ExampleExample #2 -
    was little...

    What are
    2. What how does pop culture vary from culture to culture?
    3. What are your favorite childhood memories?
    LearnersLearners will research
    Learners will read about French pop culture from the 1990s.
    Learners will read about the childhood memories from a French perspective.
    1. Read a flyer from a French Generation 90s party and identify the music, foods, and celebrities that were popular at the time.
    2. Make a Venn diagram and title the circles France and the US. List the items that are unique to France and the items in common in the interlocking centers. Finally, add items that would be unique to the US.
    3.3. Read a
    French person.

    Soirée Années 90
    Blog entry
    · What you used to eat
    · Anything else related to your childhood
    2.2. Students share
    3. Students create a master list to be used to create the play lists and decorations for the 90s party.
    Mon Enfance by mmehenderson | Make your own at
    Example # 3- Une assiette saine- A Healthy plate: French II
    1.1. How are
    2. How is the importance of the quality of food demonstrated by a culture?
    3. How can you analyze your eating habits to determine the degree of healthiness?
    5. Students will analyze Jennifer Hudson's food plan.
    1. After viewing the French school videos, students compare and contrast French and American school cafeterials.
    2. Students discuss food pyramid game with each other and tell what they eat too much of and what they eat too little of.
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