What is an Integrated Performance Assessment?

Theory of Language Assessment

What is a performance assessment?

What is an Integrated Performance Assessment? (IPA) CobaLTT-CARLA Assessment information-What is IPA?
The IPA is a classroom-based assessment model that can be used for evaluating student’s language use in the three communicative modes (interpersonal, interpretive, and presentational) that correspond to the communication standards that appear in the national Standards for Foreign Language Learning (1996/1999).
In its original form, the IPA model proposes a cyclical approach to the development of performance assessment units. These units are thematic-based are composed of tasks that correspond to the three modes of communication.

The process begins with the three communicative modes as a reference point, and then moves to the selection of a theme followed by the creation of tasks around that theme, which correspond to the three modes. For example, within the theme of food and nutrition, students might read about and study a diagram of the new food pyramid for the interpretive task. Then for the interpersonal task, they might be assigned to a partner and be asked to compare a food diary in the context of what they learned about the food pyramid and daily dietary guidelines. Finally, for the presentational task students might create a daily food plan and explain orally to the class how their menu corresponds to the food pyramid guidelines. Figure 1 provides an overview of the assessment cycle. For a more detailed description and several examples, see CARLA’s Virtual Assessment Center.



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CobaLTT-CARLA Assessment information-What is IPA?

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